Mountain Biking

Montagu is becoming a key Mountain Bike destination of choice. Our endless jeep tracks and stunning scenery is perfect for Mountain Biking enthusiasts who enjoy exploring nature. At African Game Lodge, you can safely cycle on the reserve. You can follow our game or birding trails and spend the day exploring. In the afternoon, enjoy a refreshing swim at the lodge. The reserve is also great for family mountain biking trips.The whole area of Montagu is ideal for Mountain Biking, so use African Game Lodge as your base to cycle through the area or to Montagu, along the Koo Valley and Route 62 towards Barrydale.

Wilderness Trail

A great mountain biking route which takes you from the lodge and past the safari tents and heads towards the higher mountainous area of the reserve. Crossing a river, you head past Caracal Bush Camp and cycle parallel to the river and enter the restricted Wilderness area where you can go left or alternatively go right for a longer cycle, and follow the trail in very remote high mountain plains.

Montagu by bike

A lovely run through to Montagu along the Driekuilshoogte and Ouberg road. (Especially popular on a Saturday morning, combine it with a visit to the local Farmers Market in Bath Street).

Red House Trail

A relatively flat ride to see game and suitable for family excursions. The Red House Trail heads out past the safari tents and then parallel to the dense riverine thicket where you may encounter kudu on your ride. You cycle past the pan which always has a good selection of birds, and then on towards the wildebeest plains. After a short ascent, you will see the Red House Ruins on your right. After that, head back to camp or continue along the road for several more kilometres into some very beautiful scenery. The road ends at a high point in the mountains, a good point to sit and reflect on the beauty surrounding you. (Mind the Aardvark holes in the track)

Mountain Bike News

Visit Makadas Adventures for the latest news on trails available in the area.