Hiking and Nature Walks




Whether you are up for a short stroll, or would like to do an all-day hike, African Game Lodge has kilometers of wilderness for you to safely explore. Having no “Big 5” on the reserve means that you are free to hike in safety, absorbing the beauty of the area and enjoying the game that you will encounter on the way.


Demarcated walking trails are offered, depending on your level of fitness, and guided hikes can be arranged at a small additional cost.


Hiking a remarkable way to experience the wildlife and really get up close to nature without disrupting the natural environment. Our paths are clearly marked to ensure that you will have a safe and enjoyable walk in your own company.


The following is a selection of the hikes available on the reserve:




Slagkloof Trail – An all-day hiking trail for the medium fit hiker through stunning mountain scenery, kloofs and river beds, and succulent karoo biomes. This is a very secluded part of the reserve where you will feel alone in nature. Its a round trip climbing to a high point overlooking Montagu, then down through a beautiful gorge, and back to the lodge through the open grazing area where you are bound to come across some wildlife.




Gannaleegte Trail – A very interesting trail which can be done at a slow pace or with children. Following a track into the mountains, the trail meets up with a river bed through a kloof where there are good examples of zoophycus fossils to be found in the bedrock. Once your eye is tuned into detecting the fossils, you will spot them all over. The trail has beautiful scenery and a good point to turn around is at the Bobbejaan Caves.




Gatskraal Trail – The Gatskraal Trail is a good choice if you enjoy walking. From the lodge, you climb up to the rise overlooking the mountains of Swellendam and then the trail meanders down and crosses the Gatskraal River. Here you have a choice to go right walking through fairly flat areas, or left to pass near the Red House Ruins. Be sure to stop and have a look at the traces left by these early settlers to the area. There are three different dwellings to be explored, as well as an interesting threshing circle used by the early settlers to thresh wheat. Return to the lodge via the pan which is a haven for bird watchers and the plain where you are bound to see herds of wildebeest.




Game Viewing & Birders Trail – A round loop trail takes you on a short climb up the hills overlooking the lodge with excellent views over the pan. You then head down towards the pan where you can join up with the Birder’s trail to spend some time at the pan watching the bird life. An option is to carry on to the Red House Ruin, or head back to the lodge past the camping site. This is an excellent late afternoon hike when you can often spot Kudu as they emerge from the river  thicket.




View Site – A short walk ideal for the cool of the afternoon, to catch glimpses of Montagu and spectacular mountain scenery.  If you have a sharp eye, you can spot the Anglo Boer War ambush site discretely hidden along the path.


All hiking is self hikes, but a guide is available on special request. 



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