Cheetah Conservation Awareness Program


At African Game Lodge, we have 2 resident cheetahs.  These cheetahs are not able to be released on the reserve in a free-roaming capacity and so they are kept in a large enclosure and used for awareness purposes.




Cheetah Feeding

Overnight guests may join our staff each morning and evening during feeding times to see the cheetahs Khula and Thanda, and take photographs. The cheetahs normally anticipate the feeding and come down to the gate in full view.  At other times of the day it may be difficult to photograph the cheetahs as they rest in the shade of the vegetation.




Cheetah Conservation Talk

Guests are welcome to book for a complimentary Cheetah Conservation Talk.  This short talk co-incides with the feeding of Khula and Thanda, and the talk focuses on the specialised attributes of the cheetah which makes him the fastest land mammal on earth, as well as some of the conservation issues facing cheetahs and other wildlife today.


Guests of all ages are welcome to join us on any of the above programs.  No touching of the cheetahs is allowed and the cheetahs are viewed from the outside of the enclosure.



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