Game Drives

Join us for a morning or sunset drive to explore the far reaches of our reserve. A leisurely drive enjoying the fresh outdoors and looking out for the various antelope species that are roaming the reserve…

Hiking trails

Whether you are up for a short stroll, or would like to do an all-day hike, African Game Lodge has kilometers of wilderness for you to safely explore.

Mountain biking

Montagu is becoming a key Mountain Bike destination of choice. Our endless jeep tracks and stunning scenery is perfect for Mountain Biking enthusiasts who enjoy exploring nature. At African Game Lodge, you can safely cycle on the reserve.


Our reserve is typical of the Little Karoo, somewhat arid-looking at first glance but home to a vast number of species who thrive in this very sensitive region.  The whole reserve is situated in a critical bio-diversity area (CBA) recognised for its importance as a remaining natural corridor, and thus needs to be carefully managed to limit the impact of eco-tourism.